The 3 best hotels in Porto

To help you to prepare your trip to the Portuguese capital of the north, I made a list of what are for me the top 3 best hotels in Porto, by category.

What were the selection criteria?

I’ve chosen hotels with more than 150 reviews and a classification higher than 8/10, with free wi-fi. Than, I’ve chosen the hotel according to price, services and location.

Top 3 of the hotels in Porto with * (Hostels)

  1. Tattva Design Hostel 9.4/10
  2. Gallery Hostel 9.3/10
  3. Porto Lounge Hostel & Guesthouse 9.1/10

Prices range between 52€ and 70€ for a room for two people with private toilet.

If you sleep in a room for 4 to 10 people, prices range between 17€ and 30€ per person.

Top 3 of the hotels in Porto with **

  1. Decanting Porto House 8.6/10
  2. Moov Hotel Porto 8.5/10
  3. Hotel Ibis Porto 8.3/10

Prices of these hotels range between 47€ and 70€ for two people.

Top 3 of the hotels in Porto with ***

  1.  Ribeira do Porto Hotel 9/10
  2.  Grande Hotel do Porto 8.6/10
  3.  Grande Hotel de Paris 8.3/10

Prices for a double room range between 64€ and 90€ per night.

Top 3 of the hotels in Porto with ****

  1. The Artist Porto Hotel & Bistro  9/10
  2.  Hotel Teatro – Design Hotels 8.7/10
  3.  Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira 9.1/10

Prices for a double room range  between 94€ and 123€ per night.

Top 3 of the hotels in Porto with *****

  1. Intercontinental Porto – Palacio das Cardosas 9.4/10
  2. Sheraton Porto hotel & Spa 8.6/10
  3. Hotel Infante de Sagres 8.3/10

To spend the night in one of these hotels, you’ll have to pay between 135€ to and 230€ per night for two people.

Info: Every link in this article is an affiliate link to, which means that, if you make a reservation in one these hotels, I’ll earn a small commission from You won’t pay more by making an hotel reservation through these links.

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