Top 10 of the best apartments in Porto

With over 500 available apartments in Porto, it is hard to choose where to stay in the Portuguese capital of the north. To help you on your research and avoid losing more than 2 hours searching for the right apartment, I’ve prepared my top 10 of the best apartments in Porto.

What was the selection criteria?

I’ve chosen the apartments with more than 77 reviews, with a score of 5/5 and with access to the Internet. Then, I’ve selected the apartments taking the location, price and amenities into account.

Here are the 10 best apartments in Porto

1. Soares Guest House

One of the best places to stay while visiting Porto is definitely Soares Guest House. This apartment is close to the historic centre and has other points of interest nearby. Take the example of the beautiful Nossa Senhora da Conceição church – don’t miss the opportunity to visit this 20th century church, one of the most beautiful in Portugal.

Nossa Senhora da Conceição

This church is facing Marquês metro station so you can visit it on your way to the apartment, which is 7 minutes away.

If you choose to walk to the historic centre, a 15 to 20 minute walk, know that you’ll find some points of interest before you get there. For instance, you can visit the beautiful Lapa church and be dazzled with one of the most amazing pipe organs in the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to Lapa church, you’ll find further ahead the square Praça da República where you can rest a little before continuing to the historic centre.

Speaking of the apartment itself and as I’ve told you before it’s a few minutes from Marquês or Faria Guimarães metro station; you also have a hospital, a pharmacy, restaurants and supermarkets nearby; the street where the apartment is located is quiet at night.

To welcome you, you’ll meet Clarisse and her son Jorge – two kind and helpful people. If you need anything they’ll be there for you! In the apartment, you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms with three beds total and a baby bed if needed and a living room with a sofa bed.

You can rent Soares Guest House knowing that it will be just for you and your family or friends – you won’t regret it!

Price for 2 to 6 people: from 62€ to 93€ per night (check the form to know the exact price for your stay)

(To this value there is an additional 20€ cleaning fee)

IMPORTANT: As a token of appreciation to the readers of our blog that rent this apartment, you will get a bottle of the world-famous Port Wine for free!!! Enjoy this opportunity.


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2. DOURO Apartments – RIVERTOP

Located in the historic centre of Ribeira, this apartment is very popular because  of its location, the view over Douro river and Dom Luis Bridge.

Price for 2 people: 114€ per night

Price for 4 people: 149€ per night

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3. Vitória 392 – Central Loft

This apartment is perfect for 2 people and is located next to Clérigos Tower. Vitória 392 has a unique design and a beautiful view over Dom Luis Bridge.

Price for 2 people: 60€ per night

Price for 4 people: 83€ per night

4. Aida Duplex Apartment | 5 Bedrooms

This apartment is perfect for families or to stay with friends – accommodates up to 10 people. It’s located out of the historic centre but right next to the metro station.

Price for 2 or 10 people: 172€ per night

5. Apartment down town1/ P.Parking

I love the decoration of this apartment – simple and effective.

Price for 2 people: 57€ per night

Price for 3 people: 68€ per night


6. Toc toc studio! Downtown location!

Located near Clérigos Tower, this studio can accommodate up to 4 people, but if you want more privacy rent it just for 2 people.

Price for 2 people: 61€ per night

Price for 4 people: 84€ night

7. 1 Bedroom Vintage Comfort Apartment

Located near São Bento train station , this apartment is the perfect starting point to begin your visit to Porto. It is one of a kind, because of its 100% vintage decoration.

Price for 2 people: 57€ per night

Price for 4 people: 80€ per night

8. Bonito Estúdio – Centro do Porto

This studio is perfect for 2 people. It is located out of the historic centre but you have 24 de Agosto metro station nearby.

Price for 2 people: 43€ per night

Price for 3 people: 52€ per night

9. Loft in Porto Downtown – Open Space

This big studio is located in the historic centre of Porto, near the famous Lello bookshop and Clérigos Tower.

Price for 2 people: 74€ per night


This big apartment is located behind Lello bookshop and next to Aliados metro station. It’s perfect for 4 people and is one of the few in this top 10 that has two bedrooms.

Price for 2 to 4 people: 125€ per night

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