Top 10 of the places to visit in Algarve

Ria Formosa Algarve

Algarve is one of the favourite destinations for tourists and the Portuguese people due to its beautiful beaches. But this region is more than some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Join me in this visit to Algarve and discover some of the most beautiful places in this region – here is the top 10:

1.  Ponta da Piedade

Located near the port city of Lagos, Ponta da Piedade is an exceptional natural place. Ponta da Piedade offers a stunning view over Cape St. Vincent, with beautiful cliffs, arches and caves. Before you visit this natural beauty you should talk to the local fishermen.

Tip: The place is accessible by land and by sea, however, to really feel the atmosphere, choose the fishing boats. Security is paramount so be careful, especially if you take your kids.

2. Zoomarine

This water park with interesting activities is one of the most famous and most visited in Algarve. It’s well known because of the show with dolphins, but the park is much more than this.

Go to the Aqua Locos show, visit the pirate ship and the enchanted forest or even watch the 4D projections to learn more about the sea turtles and other sea animals. Children and adults can relax in the pool or have fun in the big water slide.

  • Opening hours: from 10h to 19:30 in the summer and to 17h the rest of the year.
  • Tickets: 30 euros per adult, 20 euros for children aged 10 or less.

3. Ria Formosa Natural Park

Ria Formosa Algarve

Opened since 1987, this park has a considerable biodiversity and comprises 60 kms of length and over 18.000 ha total. The wetland area is composed mainly of isles, swamps and chanels – a spectacle like no other in the world.

  • Opening hours: from 8h to 20h
  • Tickets: 1,50 euros

Tip: Before you explore the park’s flora and fauna, go to Marim Education Centre to determine the best trail to watch the birds you want.

4. Family Golf Park

Algarve was not elected the best european and world golf destination by chance. There are plenty of professional golf courses and if you want to discover the 18 hole experience without spending much money, than Family Golf Park is the right place to go.

In this park you will also find a mini golf course for the children to enjoy.

  • Opening hours: from 10h to 18h in the spring and autumn; to midnight in the summer
  • Tickets: one course for 14 euros, two courses for 16 euros

5. Silves Castle

Built between the 8th and the 10th century by the Moorish, its unique architecture is a trace of the Muslim presence there. The castle, also known as “red fortress” because of its colour, is on the top of the hill, facing the city of Silves.

We can also admire from the various and different viewpoints the whole city, from the Serra de Monchique to the orchards. Considered as one of the most important monuments in the Iberian Peninsula, it is a national monument since 1910.

  • Opening hours: from 9h to 19h in the summer and from 9h to 17h30 the rest of the year
  • Tickets: 2,80 euros

6. Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila

Another place, other people, other traces. Algarve is well known because of its rich cultural inheritance; these are the ruins of an old village located in Vilamoura. More than the traces that were left behind by the Romans, this is a unique finding about the lifestyle of this civilization in this part of the country.

For further knowledge, go to the Information Centre of the Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila, where you can see more archaelogical findings.

  • Opening hours: from 10h to 13h and 16h to 21h from May to October and from 9h to 12h30 and 14h to 18h from November to April
  • Tickets: 3 euros

7.  Cape St. Vincent

Especially for nature lovers, Cape St. Vincent is, not surprisingly, a nature reserve since 1988 given the number of species that make this place their home: sea otters, herons, Bonelli’s eagles, etc.

This part of the coast has its history. Since the Middle Ages that this edge of Europe was considered as “the end of the world”. Along with the beauty of the surrounding landscape you must visit Sagres fortress, the lighthouse and the old monastery.

8. Caniço Restaurant

With a privileged and unique position, located in a cliff, this typical Portuguese restaurant gathers a great number of tourists and locals.

You can access the terrace by road, through a tunnel and taking the lift or through the Três Irmãos beach, giving it a unique atmosphere. In the menu you will find: seafood, fresh fish and local wines.

  • Opening hours: from 9h to 2h

9. São Lourenço de Almancil Church

Built in the 18th century in honour of São Lourenço, this church, located in Almancil, may look ordinary on the outside.

Completely white, in baroque style and with a square tower, it is only inside of the church that we discover its secret: the depiction of the life of the saint in glazed tiles and statues dating the time of the construction of the church.

  • Opening hours: from 10h to 13h and 14h30 to 17h (18h in the summer)
  • Ticket: 1,50 euros

10. Algarve Regional Museum

Located in Faro, this museum offers a great collection of tools and ceramics, specially from peasants. You can watch a slideshow to get an idea of what and how was life for people in the old days.

  • Opening hours: from 9h to 12h30 and 14h to 17h30
  • Tickets: 1,50 euros

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