Top 10 of the best Algarve beaches

And so we have arrived to the last article of the series about the best beaches in Portugal. Of the things to do in Algarve, this time I’m going south to show you my top 10 of the best Algarve beaches in the most touristy region in Portugal.

Here is the Top 10 of the best Algarve beaches:

1. Odeceixe Beach – Aljezur

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Praia de Odeceixe

Starting this list of Algarve beaches, I present to you Odeceixe Beach. It has a huge stretch of sand that allows great walks, mainly at low tide. The Odeceixe river reaches the sea flowing by the right side of the beach, setting the boundaries between the Alentejo and the Algarve regions.

You may choose between the beach in the ocean side with its rough sea, much appreciated by the surfers, and the beach in the riverside, more peaceful, perfect for the families. The beach has good structures, with toilets, showers, parking lots and a bar.

To enjoy the landscape around the beach, go up the cliffs through the stone steps located on-site.

2. Bordeira Beach – Carrapateira, Aljezur

Known by few, Bordeira beach invites you to spend relaxing holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy areas.

Located in Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park and with a 3-km stretch of sand, the beach is very popular among the nature lovers and families. The best access to the beach is located south. By the parking lot you will find a wooden walkway, allowing you to cross a little stream side by side with the beach.

3. Tonel Beach – Vila do Bispo

© Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

Next to Sagres fortress, Tonel beach is protected from the strong winds present in this area by the cliffs surrounding it. It’s a beach with great conditions for those who want to scuba dive, to surf and to admire the Cape St. Vincent, the south-western most point of Europe.

You will find a restaurant and restrooms in the beach. To reach Tonel beach you should use the stairs located in the cliff.

4. Rocha Beach – Portimão

Rocha beach is one of the most touristy Algarve beaches; with a 1-km stretch of sand it welcomes thousands of tourists every summer. You will find every structure needed to spend a great day at the beach. At night you can go to bars and discos to have fun and, why not, the casino!

5. Marinha beach – Lagoa

Praia da Marinha - Portugal - Algarve

Marinha beach is of a great natural beauty, considered one of the best beaches in Portugal, it is also considered one of the top 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Before you go to the beach to enjoy the beauty of the rocks and natural tunnels, amaze yourself with the views on the top of the cliff.

6. Quarteira Beach – Loulé

© Linda de Ruiter on Unsplash

Quarteira beach is located in an old fishing village that has become a cosmopolitan touristy town, frequented mainly by Portuguese tourists.

Every structure needed is present for a good day in the beach – you will find various restaurants, bars and stores. At night, the street close to the beach is very pleasant because of its stands and street performers.

7. Island of Armona Beach – Olhão

© wikimedia.org – Aabasch

As its name points out, the beach is located in the island of Armona, 15 minutes from the mainland. To get there, you should take the ferry departing from Faro, Olhão or Fuseta.

Once on the island, you must cross the sand labyrinths and mires of Ria Formosa. The beach has a huge stretch of sand, where you can walk and, at the same time, look at the rich and aromatic flora.

As an alternative to spending the whole day at the beach, leave from Olhão on a boat tour adventure across the waters of Ria Formosa !

In addition to this beautiful 4-hour boat tour , know that you will be accompanied by an experienced guide that will tell you more about islands like Culatra and Armona and inform you about the wonderful landscape and environmental richness of this protected area.

8. Barril Beach – Pedras d’El Rei, Tavira

The beautiful Barril Beach is located in the island of Tavira and to get there you should take a small tourist train or cross the bridge on foot and then walk about 1 km to reach the beach.

Take the opportunity to look at the fauna and flora. From the old fishermen houses converted into restaurants and stores you can gaze the anchor graveyard used in the old days in tuna fishing.

9. Island of Cabanas Beach – Tavira

© wikipedia.org – Vitor Oliveira

Next to the small village of Cabanas, the island with the same name has a narrow and 7-km long beach, perfect for those who don’t like crowded beaches. To reach the beach you can take the ferry on the other side of the Ria Formosa, in Cabanas.

Even though it’s a small island, it offers all the necessary infrastructures to spend a great day in the beach – you will find showers and some restaurants.

10. Manta Rota Beach – Vila Real de Santo António

© wikipedia.org – Manuel Correia

Another one of the beautiful Algarve beaches is Manta Rota Beach, located in a fishing village that has become much appreciated by the tourists throughout the years. With a great stretch of sand, the wooden walkways take you close to the water.

Less frequented than its neighbour Monte Gordo beach, Manta Rota beach still offers some peaceful places, particularly in its edges. As in any other touristy beach, you’ll find every structure necessary for a good day at the beach.

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