5 Day Itinerary in the Algarve: Cape Saint Vincent and Beliche Beach

Cabo de São Vicente

What’s best to do in summertime than to visit Algarve, its beautiful beaches, amazing cities and places that are known to few? Discover Cape Saint Vincent, Serra de Monchique, Silves and other beautiful locations in this two-part itinerary.

Luz beach was our base for the 5 days we spent in this region. To enjoy the beaches and discover the Algarve we have decided to split the days in two – in the morning we got to know this region a little better and in the afternoon we went to the beach to get some tan. We ended our days at the hotel’s pool.

Day 1 : Arrival to Luz Beach

We stayed in an apartment in the resort Estrela da Luz (affiliate link), probably the most luxurious place we have stayed in all our lives. It’s true it is a luxurious place, but it won’t be more expensive than other apartments or hotel rooms near the beach in Algarve cities like Albufeira or Portimão in Estrela da Luz you can enjoy a spa and three swimming pools.

After checking in we went to the local supermarket to buy some groceries and afterwards we ended our day at the hotel’s spa.

If you’re staying in Luz village, then go to Lagos if you want to buy something – it’s only 5 kilometres away. You’ll find cheaper supermarkets than those in the village.

Day 2 : Cape Saint Vincent and Beliche Beach

In our truly first full day in the Algarve we visited the southwestern point of Europe: Cape Saint Vincent.

As you can see, Cape Saint Vincent is a unique place of rare beauty. Aside from the landscape you can also see Sagres lighthouse.

During your visit do not make the same mistake I did – don’t bring just a t-shirt. Even if it is 25º, the wind is strong so bring something warmer.

On our way back from Cape Saint Vincent, we stopped at Beliche beach, located just 3 km from the the cape. This beach is perhaps one of the less known beaches in Algarve but it has something different.

Beliche beach is the one to visit – you will have to climb down a hundred steps to fully appreciates the beauty of this place.

Located 3 km away is the village of Sagres and its Fortress. As the fortress was closed and it was almost lunch time, we decided to go back to our place to enjoy the sun and the beach.

After eating in the apartment, we visited Luz beach and the streets nearby, 500 metres from the hotel.

Luz beach is not one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, however it has all it takes to spend a marvelous day: restaurants, bars, fine sand and a quiet sea with a warm temperature. When I booked my vacation for August I was afraid there would be too much people around – yes, I’m a tourist but I like to stroll and lay at the beach without hearing other people’s conversations.

As you can see in the photos, there were many people on the beach but there was still room for us without stepping on other people.

Around 6 p.m. we went back to the hotel to enjoy the exterior pools and the spa. I didn’t have the opportunity to try the inner pool on the previous day so it was time to do it|

The experience went sideways… For those who don’t know, I can’t swim so I tried to figure out what was the depth of the pool on the higher end – it was 1,50m so it was safe for me to go.

I went right in but imagine my surprise when I tried to get up and noticed the water covered me up to my eyes…

After swallowing some water I got to one of the sides of the pool. I jumped right out of the pool and saw that everyone was having a laugh out of the situation…

I got out of there and went to the jacuzzi – this time I was sure I wouldn’t get caught off guard.

Check here if you want to read the second part of my visit to this beautiful region – you’ll discover Silves, Serra do Monchique, Lagos and Ponta da Piedade.

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