Douro River Cruise – find out if it is a good or bad idea


During my trip to Porto and the north of Portugal, I wanted to explore Douro region in many ways and one of them was doing a one day cruise tour in Douro. In this article I’m going to show you how was my day and, in the end, tell you my opinion about doing a Douro river cruise.

Ticket Purchase

By searching the web for a cruise in Douro, I found the site, belonging to the company Ecotours Portugal. After choosing a cruise between Porto and Régua on a Saturday for 77,50€ (the same cruise costs 15€ less on weekdays) I received an e-mail with the schedule for the day and they even asked me if I wanted to visit a Port wine cellar in Régua. I accepted the offer, believing that these cellars in Régua are much more interesting than those of Porto. Final price, including a visit to the cellar, was 85€ per person.

Having paid the cruise, I had to send an e-mail with a proof of payment and they sent me back a map with the departure point and the tickets that I had to print.

Douro River Cruise (from Porto to Régua)

We arrived around 09h30 to Freixo marina (Porto), and boarded as scheduled at 09h45 and around 10h30 the cruise set sail.


When we got to the ship, we were escorted to our table where a wonderful breakfast was waiting for us – great way to begin our Douro river cruise. Next, the ship took us to the historic centre of Porto where we could admire the amazing views over Ribeira and the bridges over Douro river.

After visiting the city, the ship took us back and we went in the direction of Régua.

Before the first dam, we had the opportunity of trying Port wine – supposedly to motivate us on our first unevenness of 14 metres. I asked myself how we were going to the other side of the dam, which was higher than the one we were in – once inside the dam I figured it out! When the ship is inside the dam, the door behind us closes and the door above us slowly opens so that the water begins to push the ship up.

After this “discovery”, we had lunch and one of the things we loved the most was the main course, delicious!

The most incredible thing inside the ship was when we got to the second dam, with an unevenness of 35 metres. The first dam was just a taste of what was waiting for us. When we’re at the bottom and look up, we see two giant walls and, at the same time, we hear the sound of water filling the “tank” we’re in -it must be difficult for those who are claustrophobic.

From that moment on we could finally admire the Port wine vineyards, the beautiful houses close to the river, the bridges and even an abandoned ship.

At 16h45 we arrived to Régua. There, a bus was waiting for us to take us to a Port wine cellar.

At the cellar, they showed us around and let us taste a local wine. Aside from the wine, people could buy all sorts of souvenirs from Portugal.

Before taking the train to Porto at 19:14, we had some time to go for a walk and see the sights. The train arrived to Campanhã train station at 21h and from there to Freixo marina was a 1,5 km walk (20 minutes) to get to our car, that we left in the morning.

Is a Douro river cruise really worth 85€?

I had a pleasant day on this Douro river cruise; we had the chance to discover this region in a different way; the food was very good; we enjoyed being in the ship when the water pushed us to pass through the dam; and finally, the amazing view over the Port wine vineyards.

The downside was the visit to the cellar; in the bus, when I saw the candy seller I thought that it was another opportunity for them to earn some money. Before we got to the cellar I was hoping for a place full of barrels filled with wine.

The tour lasted just 2 minutes. As you can see in the photos, they took us to a room and then we went downstairs to a second room and what did we see? Hum… nothing! Ok, we saw some bottles that were protected behind bars. At the end of the hall, we got to a room where we could buy souvenirs and, of course, the wine that we had tasted before.

My first impression, on the bus, just came true – the visit to the cellar is just another way for them to earn more money from tourists! For 7,50€, that we paid for the visit, you should visit the Taylor or Sandeman cellars in Porto instead. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the visit.

To conclude, I recommend this Douro river cruise – it is well worth the 77,50€ (if possible don’t do it on weekends – it’s cheaper, 62,50€), because you’ll discover Douro region. However, you should choose to visit the cellars in Porto.

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