Top 10 of the best beaches in Porto and the North of Portugal

When you think of sunbathing the first thing that comes to mind is the South of Portugal, but Algarve is not the only place with good and beautiful beaches where you can have a great day. Here is my selection of the best Porto beaches and others in the North of Portugal.

The best Porto beaches and others in the North of Portugal are:

1. Moledo Beach – Caminha

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Moledo beach is considered by many as the best beach in the North of Portugal because of its beauty and its therapeutic properties due to the presence of iodine. If you are a water sports fan, you can also windsurf, surf or bodyboard in this beach and admire the Fort of Ínsua.

2. Afife Beach – Viana do Castelo


Afife beach is one of the best beaches in the north because of its extension of sand and surf and bodyboard competitions. Located a few kilometres from Viana do Castelo and with dunes and fine white sand, this beach is one of the most beautiful in the north.

3. Cabedelo Beach – Viana do Castelo


Cabedelo beach is most appreciated because of its proximity to Viana do Castelo and its water sports activities such as windsurf and kitesurf. Even though this beach is exposed to the north wind, families enjoy the peaceful waters, especially near the piers that calm the rough sea.

4. Apúlia Beach – Esposende

Apúlia beach is located in the protected landscape area of Esposende coastline. Because of that, this is certainly a charming place with a natural beauty. You will find beautiful windmills on top of the dunes that were used in the last century, with the help of strong winds, to grind corn.

5. Ofir Beach – Esposende

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Ofir beach has a strong demand and offers paved road access along with various supporting structures for sunbathers.

The famous Portuguese sidewalk is used to get to the beach and to local bars. In the summer you can have fun at night in this region, specially if you go to “Pacha Ofir“, one of the biggest nightclubs in the North of Portugal.

6. Mindelo Beach – Vila do Conde

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Mindelo beach is almost 2 km wide and has granitic sand. People go to this beach in the summer because of its location and because of its magnificent landscape.

7. Agudela Beach – Lavra, Matosinhos

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Agudela is one of the best Porto beaches and has all you need to have a great day at the beach. What makes this beach special is its waters and its dunes that are protected by wooden walkways.

8. Aguda Beach – Gaia

Aguda beach has a big and beautiful shore; it has many dunes and a fine natural vegetation. Enjoy the wooden walkways while you take a stroll and then go for a swim.

9. Madalena Beach- Gaia

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Madalena beach has a big shore as well and you’ll find rocky areas meandering in the waters and through the waves. It’s a beach where you can have fun at night because of its various restaurants and bars.

10. Senhor da Pedra Beach – Gaia


Senhor da Pedra beach has as its main attraction the unique Senhor da Pedra chapel, from the 17th century and erected over some rocks just by the sea. With its big shore and rough waters, it’s also perfect for surf, bodyboard and other water sports. Definitely one of the best Porto beaches!

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