After 5 years sharing with you the Portuguese wonders, my advices and tips to visit Portugal, the time for a change has come!

I feel the urge to go further, not to just share with you my travels, my photos, my stories, my articles.

Throughout these 5 years I noticed that what truly makes me happy is exploring my beautiful country, searching for its wonders, being amazed with each travel and, most of all, sharing with you all the feelings I had the opportunity to experience so that you can also come to Portugal and be surprised.

In the articles I’ve created, I’ve tried to inspire you but I also wanted to give you all the necessary information so that you could easily visit each place.

What truly makes me happy and proud of my work is the large amount of emails I get from the readers who visit Portugal telling me that, in part, thanks to the information they found in the blog, they spent a wonderful stay!

Every time I get one of these emails, my eyes glow and I make a note to myself: “mission accomplished”.

To make a living out of my passion is wonderful, but this feeling of mission accomplished tops everything else!

In 2015, I’ve created my first guides to help you in a more detailed way to plan your trip (before and during).

As time went by, I’ve noticed that this wasn’t enough…

The guides are a stage for the success of your trip, but my mission isn’t only to help you in a small part of your stay in Portugal.

I want to help you from A to Z in the success of your stay in Portugal (before, during and after).

People often ask me about renting a car in Portugal, the restaurants, the activities, the scams to avoid and, sometimes, they even ask me to solve certain problems.

As you know, Portugal is a trendy country, especially after 2014 (I’m happy for that), and that allowed for the creation of many companies and workplaces.

Unfortunately, certain companies don’t care about helping their customers but only in profiting with the people visiting my beautiful country.

After this unfortunate observation, I’ve decided that it was time to play an active role!

I don’t want Portugal to be just a trendy country, I want those visiting it to be truly happy because they’ve decided to visit this wonder and want to return over and over again.

Throughout these 5 years, I’ve worked hard to offer you dozens of articles for you to read in the blog but I believe the real work starts now!

My first decision was to stop selling all my guides in the 16th September.

I’m taking a huge risk in cutting a big part of my revenue but I believe we can succeed when taking risks…

In the next weeks I’ll launch a new service so that you can have a great stay in Portugal (I’ll give you further information over the coming days).

I’m sure you’re asking yourself: why not selling the guides and creating a new service at the same time?

Because the new service is going to include the actual guides with a dedicated support (and other options) for each client. The objective is for me to concentrate in just a product and dedicate myself to it at 110 %.

In order for this service to be of high quality, I’ve decided to limit the sell to a specific region at a time. Once I’ve helped all the customers for one region, I’ll open the service to another region and so on.

The pressure is building up, but I’m happy to push forward with the help I offer so that you can visit Portugal!

Best regards,


PS: while you wait for the new service, I recommend you read the itineraries I’ve created to visit Portugal.