Itinerary of 1 day in Evora, the beautiful capital of Alentejo

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When planning your visit to Alentejo you must include in your list a trip to Evora. Located 1h30 from Lisbon, Evora has everything it takes to amaze you. Discover all the things to do in Evora and discover why it is also known as the “museum-city“.

The city has lived several lives, it was Roman up until the 5th century, then it became a Visigoth city until the 8th century, a Moor city for four centuries until it finally became a Portuguese city in 1165.

Itinerary of 1 day of the things to do in Evora, the museum-city

We arrived at Evora at noon so we decided to grab something to eat before we went to the historic centre, this way we didn’t have to go to those restaurants eager for tourists. We went to a restaurant called A Gruta, a typical Portuguese restaurant where people can eat a roast chicken, french fries, rice and one drink for 8 euros per person.

The restaurant is located in Avenida General Humberto Delgado 2. It is a little bit small so you have to wait for your turn! While you wait you can check your list of things to do in Evora.

Just outside the historic centre I came across with this billboard…

Evora, 40 ans de liberdade
Dentro de ti o cidade, O povo é quem mais ordena! (Inside you, oh city, Who orders is the people!)

It has been forty years since we overcame dictatorship, forty years since we became a free nation. I stood still, looking at this billboard for some time thinking that freedom should be upheld every single day, specially in these difficult times for Portugal and the world.

Finally, after this moment of reflection, we visited the historic centre of Evora. We went through the street Rua Serpa Pinto towards the main square, the Praça do Giraldo.

Some minutes after we got to the square we had to find shelter in a café because it was too hot – the temperature was around 35º C. We had to cool down!

If you visit Evora in July or August, you should explore the city in the morning. Temperature in Alentejo often gets close to 40º or more in the beginning of the afternoon.

Before we left the square, we went to the tourism office to buy a map of the historic centre (0.50€) – this map was very useful throughout our journey.

After some minutes thinking about the best itinerary and the other things to do in Evora, we went to Água de Prata aqueduct. This aqueduct is one of the few still working today and this way contributing to the supply of the city.

I have seen some other aqueducts in Portugal, but it was the first time I saw houses built under an aqueduct – it was a way to take advantage of the spare space.

We went back, but through other streets, towards the Roman Temple of Évora, a temple the Romans left behind.

We took the opportunity to have a cup of coffee in the square right in front of the temple and admire this idyllic setting.

We went down the road towards the cathedral (Sé) of Evora, the biggest one in Portugal. Its construction began in 1186 and was concluded in 1250.

The visit to the cathedral costs 1,50 €, but you should pay one more euro to visit the cloisters, it is really worth it and must be on your list of things to do in Evora!

Opening hours: Daily from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 16h30

The tour ended on the roof of the cathedral where we could admire the city and its surroundings.

We ended our visit to Evora by strolling through the narrow streets of this beautiful city.

As you can see, it is possible to visit Evora in half a day but I am sure that you will be amazed with the beauty of this city. Evora  resembles the city of Guimarães – it is a small city but with a huge history. When you visit Evora don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beautiful region of Alentejo, an amazing region known to few.

Where to Sleep

Of the things to do in Evora, you must first plan where to sleep. If you want to spend the night in Evora, then my suggestion is that you stay in Moov Hotel Evora (affiliate link), located in the old bullfight arena, in the historic centre. This hotel has a great score of 8,8 / 10 and it only costs about 40€ per night.

How to get to Evora

The beautiful city of Evora is 1h30 (134 km) away from Lisbon, by car or train. If you want to visit its surroundings, then you should go by car. If you just want to visit the historic centre, then taking a train is an option. If you take a train in Oriente train station in Lisbon, it will take you 1h30 and it will cost you 24,40€ round trip.

If you’re going to Evora from Albufeira (Algarve) the fastest means of transportation is the car – it will take you 2h12 (204 km). However, if you take the train, it will be a longer trip (03h34) because you’ll have to take another train near Setúbal. It will cost € 24,80 one way.

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