Where to stay in Lisbon – best hotels in the Portuguese capital

Where to stay in Lisbon

Many people ask me for advice concerning hotels and where to stay in Lisbon. To help you prepare your trip to the Portuguese capital, I made a list of what are for me the top 3 best hotels in Lisbon, by category.

What were the selection criteria when choosing where to stay in Lisbon?

I’ve chosen hotels with more than 150 reviews and a classification higher than 8/10, with free wi-fi. Than, I’ve chosen the hotel according to price, services and location.

Top 3 of the hotels in Lisbon with * (Hostels)

  1. Lisbon Destination Hostel 9.2/10
  2. Travellers House – Hostel  9.2/10
  3. Sunset Destination Hostel 8.9/10

Prices range between 60€ and 70€ for a bedroom for two people with private toilet.

If you sleep in a room for 4 to 10 people, prices range between 20€ and 25€ per person.

Top 3 of the hotels in Lisbon with **

  1. Luxe Hotel By TURIM Hoteis 8.3/10
  2. Hotel ibis Lisboa Liberdade 8.1/10
  3. Albergaria Senhora do Monte 8.3/10

Prices from the first two hotels range between 60€ and 75€ for two people.

In the hotel Albergaria Senhora do Monte, prices are higher because of the beautiful view over Lisbon. On average, a room for two costs 130€.

Top 3 of the hotels in Lisbon with ***

  1. My Story Hotel Ouro 8.9/10
  2. Rossio Garden Hotel 8.7/10
  3. Browns Downtown Hotel 8.7/10

Prices of a double room range between 120€ and 130€ per night.

Top 3 of the hotels in Lisbon with ****

  1. Portugal Boutique Hotel 9.3/10
  2. Memmo Alfama – Design Hotel 9.3/10
  3. Lisboa Carmo Hotel 9.1/10

Prices of a double room range between 175€ and 213€ per night.

Top 3 of the hotels in Lisbon with *****

  1. EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel 9.2/10
  2. Altis Avenida Hotel 8.7/10
  3. Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade 8.7/10

To spend the night in one of these hotels you will need to pay between 190€ and 252€ per night for two people.

Info: Every link in this article is an affiliate link to Booking.com, which means that, if you make a reservation in one these hotels, I’ll earn a small commission from Booking.com. You won’t pay more by making an hotel reservation through these links.


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