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When you visit the Centre of Portugal you’ll discover Historic Villages such as Piódão and Sortelha, the mountain ridge of Serra da Estrela where you’ll find amazing landscapes and glacier lagoons.

But the Centre of Portugal is more than this – you can also visit cities where modernity joins tradition, cities like Coimbra, Aveiro, Guarda and Castelo Branco.

You can also enjoy Nazaré and Foz do Arelho beaches, visit Óbidos and the Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha and Convento de Cristo in Tomar.

Don’t waste any more time and check below what the Centre of Portugal has to offer.

What to visit in Águeda, the city of the coloured umbrellas

Located in Central Portugal and 23 km east of the "Portuguese Venice", Aveiro, the city of Águeda became world famous in 2012 because of its colourful hanging umbrellas. Even though most people visit this city to admire the hanging umbrellas (me included), Águeda and its surrounding area hide other treasures you won't want to miss. [...]

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Things to do in Peniche – from Berlengas to the most beautiful beaches!

Considered as the westernmost town in mainland Europe, Peniche is one of the places to discover when visiting Central Portugal. Join me and discover the things to do in Peniche and surrounding area and be amazed with places like the Berlengas Nature Reserve and much more! The town centre is located at a peninsula with just [...]

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Visit Figueira da Foz and be amazed with all of its beautiful places!

Located in Central Portugal, 50 km west of Coimbra, Figueira da Foz is famous for its beaches but the city has much more to offer. Read my article and visit Figueira da Foz - you'll certainly be amazed with all the wonderful places to discover there. The area where Figueira da Foz is located started by being [...]

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Visit Santarém in one day and discover all of its marvellous places

Located in the Central Portugal, just 80 km northeast of the capital, Santarém is a town like no other in Portugal. To be honest, this town wasn't part of the list of cities and towns I really wanted to visit. I've already been to this location before (I have relatives that live in the surrounding area) but [...]

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Travel guide to discover the Centre of Portugal in 7 days

With many monuments, natural parks, cities and amazing villages, Central Portugal has much to offer and there are many reasons why your trip to this region will be memorable. Come with me in this travel guide and discover the Centre of Portugal! In this travel guide you'll find information about beautiful cities, natural parks with breathtaking [...]

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Visit Tomar and discover its beautiful castle and Convent of Christ

Tomar is a beautiful city located in Central Portugal, a city that will take you to the time of the Knights Templar, of kings and queens. In this article, you'll discover everything this city has to offer, from its natural beauty to its cultural and architectural richness - among others, discover the amazing castle and [...]

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Visit Viseu and discover the “best city to live” in Portugal!

Viseu is a city unknown to many tourists (especially foreigners), however it has much to offer, unlike other cities in Portugal! It's not by chance that this city has been elected for several times as the best city to live in Portugal. Located in Central Portugal, Viseu and its wonderful surroundings have so much to [...]

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Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Nature Park: 9 places you can’t miss

Would you like to discover a genuine Portugal where you can admire amazing landscapes, visit the most beautiful cave in Portugal and explore walking routes in the middle of the nature? In this article, I'm going to show you the beautiful Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Nature Park. Even though it is located near other points [...]

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Monsanto to Piódão – discover the 12 historic villages of Portugal

When we think about visiting Portugal, the first places that come to mind are: Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, but, as you know, Portugal is much more than these three places. In this article you'll discover villages like Monsanto, located in Central Portugal, secluded villages but with an extraordinary beauty. These villages are unique with their [...]

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Top 10 of the best places to visit in Central Portugal

Central Portugal is an amazing region, a place where you can discover villages of rare beauty frozen in time, breathtaking landscapes, cities that know how to preserve their history and at the same time embrace modernity. Visiting this region is definitely one of the things to do in Portugal so don't miss the opportunity! Here are [...]

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Top 10 of the places to visit and things to do in Aveiro

Have you ever wondered about the things to do in Aveiro, in Central Portugal? In this article I'm going to show you 10 places you must visit when you get to this wonderful city, also known as the "Portuguese Venice". Why you must visit Aveiro? Aveiro is a thousand years old, of which two hundred and fifty as [...]

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Top 10 of the places to visit and things to do in Coimbra

There are so many things to do in Coimbra and soon you'll realize that it has a very special mystique, the result of a past full of history. This city located in Central Portugal was the second Portuguese capital (the first was Guimarães) up until 1255, when Lisbon became the capital. Thousands of Portuguese people [...]

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