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Things to do in Lagos, a paradise to discover in western Algarve!

In this article, I'll show you some of the things to do in Lagos, a city in Algarve with a great historic richness that was able to maintain its authenticity and where you'll find natural wonders, some of which present among the most beautiful in the world. Like other southern locations in Portugal, this place [...]

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Discover the things to do in Portimão, one of the wonders in Algarve

Located in the most touristy region in Portugal, the city of Portimão is one of the favourite places for thousands of people to spend their holidays. Come with me and discover the things to do in Portimão, one of the most beautiful locations in Algarve. With a perfect location in western Algarve, the place where [...]

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Algarve itinerary – discover this region in 6 amazing days

Would you like to discover the region that welcomes more visitors in Portugal? Would you like to visit touristy places and the ones off the beaten track to discover an authentic Algarve? Then read below our 6-day Algarve itinerary that shows beautiful natural parks, amazing hiking routes, authentic towns and much more! Algarve itinerary to discover [...]

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Ria Formosa – visit Algarve and discover this real natural paradise

Algarve is well known to tourists due to its amazing beaches, however this Portuguese region hides a real natural paradise where fauna and flora coexist in perfect harmony with fishermen and their typical houses. In this article you'll discover Ria Formosa Natural Park and the best ways to visit it. Discover Ria Formosa Natural Park Nature [...]

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Visit Algarve and discover my top 20 of the places you can’t miss

Algarve is one of the favourite destinations for foreign visitors and Portuguese people due to its beautiful beaches. But if you visit Algarve you'll soon realise that this region has much more to show than some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Join me in my visit to this region and discover some of [...]

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Things to do in Algarve: check here what you can see in 5 days

If you're planning a list of things to do in Portugal, then you should know that Algarve is the region that welcomes most of the tourists in this country. Would you like to visit the points of interest and get to know a true and authentic Algarve? Check in this article some of the things [...]

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The 3 best hotels in Algarve

People often ask me for advice regarding Algarve hotels. To help you prepare your trip to the most touristy region in Portugal, I made a list of what are, for me, the top 3 best hotels in the most visited places in Algarve. Here, you'll find the top 3 of the 2 to 5 star [...]

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5 Day Itinerary in the Algarve: Serra de Monchique, Lagos and Silves

Some weeks ago I showed you part of my 5-day itinerary in the Algarve (visit to Cape Saint Vincent and to Beliche beach). In this article I'm going to show you the second part of the same itinerary, where you'll get to know Serra de Monchique, Lagos and its beautiful Ponta da Piedade and the city of Silves. [...]

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5 Day Itinerary in the Algarve: Cape Saint Vincent and Beliche Beach

What's the best thing to do in summertime than to visit Algarve, its beautiful beaches, amazing cities and places that are known to few? Discover Cape Saint Vincent, Serra de Monchique, Silves and other beautiful locations in this two-part itinerary. Luz beach was my base for the 5 days I spent in this region. To enjoy [...]

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Top 10 of the best Algarve beaches

And so we have arrived to the last article of the series about the best beaches in Portugal. Of the things to do in Algarve, this time I’m going south to show you my top 10 of the best Algarve beaches in the most touristy region in Portugal. Here is the Top 10 of the [...]

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