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Discover how to apply for a visa to Portugal and change your life!

There are many citizens from different countries that want to visit or even spend their retirement in Portugal. In this article you'll find information on how to apply for a visa to Portugal: whether a temporary stay visa or a residence visa. Apart from the information on these two types of visa available to citizens worldwide, I'll [...]

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Retire in Portugal and choose where to live in this amazing country

Would you like to retire in Portugal but you don't know which region, city or village to choose? In this article, I will help you choose the best place for you to live in this amazing country taking into consideration your preferences (climate, city or village, near the beach or in the countryside) and your financial [...]

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Do you want to live in Portugal? Discover all you need to know!

There are many people who want to live in Portugal and many reasons why they want to move to this beautiful country like the weather, the language and the culture. If you want to spend your retirement in Portugal or work in Portugal, read my article and learn more about everything you'll need for you to [...]

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Taxes in Portugal: discover everything you need to know

There are several taxes in Portugal and, if you want to retire in Portugal or work here, then you should know more about them: there is IRS (which is the personal income tax), IRC (which is the corporation tax), IVA (which is the value added tax or VAT), IMI and IMT (which are property taxes), ISV (which is the vehicle property [...]

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Cost of living in Portugal vs United Kingdom and United States

It is often said that the cost of living in Portugal is cheaper than in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America, but is that really the case? People from many countries want to spend their retirement years in Portugal for many reasons like the weather, beaches, cultural and natural richness, [...]

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