Are you preparing a trip to Madeira and would like to discover the points of interest of this amazing island? Then find out below my suggestions with the best Madeira walks and activities, in an island also known as the “Pearl of the Atlantic”.

Best Madeira walks and activities

Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruise

Leaving from Funchal’s marina, this 3-hour long cruise will take you to the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean in search of some of the most beautiful mammal species you’ll ever see: dolphins and whales.

After a basic explanation on safety rules, climb aboard a luxury catamaran. In the catamaran you can stay in the comfortable interior with wind protection or outside if you want to enjoy the sunny days. During the cruise, you’ll have the company of an experienced crew that can tell you more about the fauna and flora surrounding the beautiful island of Madeira.

Apart from what I mentioned before, you should also know that you can admire the beautiful seascape and, in the warmer months, you’ll even have the opportunity to go for a swim in the waters facing Cabo Girão, one of the biggest sea cliffs in the world. As you can see, there are many reasons for you to book this activity.

Madeira Peaks Mountain Walk

This 8-hour long activity will test your limits and your courage since it will take you to the highest peak in the archipelago of Madeira, Pico Ruivo, and along some of the most vertiginous walking routes.

If you want to take hiking to a whole other level then this is the best way to do it! Start easily in one of the levadas that stretch throughout the island so that you can discover and admire the lush vegetation that occupies the inland.

Next, make your way up to Pico Ruivo through narrow walking routes, carved on rocks and with little room for distractions. Once at the top, admire the island from one end to the other and be amazed with the clouds at your feet – an experience that you definitely won’t forget.

Enchanted Terraces and Porto Moniz Natural Pools

Do you want to discover the northwest of Madeira in an 8-hour amazing tour? Look no further! With this tour you will discover some of the most beautiful locations and landscapes on the island, unique places that definitely are worth visiting.

Know that you’ll make this tour in a jeep so that it’s more comfortable and easier to access certain points. Among other places, you’ll cross mountains and valleys where you can admire the amazing and unique Laurisilva Forest, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Place in 1999.

This 15 000-hectare area is a safe haven for several species and definitely a lovely place to discover both by car or hiking along one of the many levadas.

Apart from all this, you’ll also have the opportunity to get to know the town of Porto Moniz. There, and if weather conditions allow it, you can go for a swim in one of the beautiful natural pools, one of the postcards of this island.

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Madeira walks – discover the most beautiful levadas in the island

Before I talk about these amazing activities, I should explain the meaning of “levadas”. If you’ve never been to Madeira, it’s possible you’ve never heard about this term before. Built since the 16th century, levadas are artificial waterways flanked by walking routes and that are used to take the water to the south of the island where most of the crops are located.

In the activities I’ve chosen (see below), you’ll have the opportunity to spend a different but amazing day by going on a hike amid the lush vegetation. There, you can amaze yourself with the wonderful natural landscape of this island, where you’ll find beautiful waterfalls, majestic trees as well as a rich fauna and flora.

During your walk(s), you’ll have the company of a guide who speaks your language and that will tell you more about the different species that inhabit this island, both inland, where you can admire the Laurisilva Forest, and in the coastline.

Prepare yourself because these Madeira walks are 8-hours long and will take you to some of the best places you can discover in the entire island, places that certainly you will never forget! Wait no more and click the links below to get more information and book unique experiences.

Apart from the activities mentioned in this article, discover below some other of my suggestions to explore Madeira and enjoy yourself during your stay.

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