Visit to Câmara de Lobos, Cabo Girão and Fajã dos Padres

Would you like to discover viewpoints that offer incredible landscapes for you to admire, villages with a rare beauty and one of the highest cliffs in the world (580 metres)? Great! In this article, you will discover Câmara de Lobos, a beautiful fishing town and Cabo Girão, that will offer you an amazing view over the sea and, of course, several viewpoints for your delight, one of which is my favourite in Madeira – don’t miss this opportunity to visit these places!

Câmara de Lobos and the other places that you’ll find throughout this article were the ones I visited during my third day in Madeira. You should follow this guide in this order so that you can visit all of these beautiful places without losing too much time travelling between them.

Throughout this article you will also find some tips so that you can better prepare your trip to the Pearl of the Atlantic.

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Câmara de Lobos

The small town of Câmara de Lobos is one of the most beautiful towns in the island and is often seen in postcards from Madeira.

Begin your journey with a visit to Salão Ideal viewpoint to enjoy the marvellous view over the bay, the colourful fishing boats and Cabo Girão cliff.

  • GPS: 32°38’44.1″N 16°58’19.3″W

Next, visit the picturesque historic centre to admire the colourful fishing boats and lose yourself within the narrow streets that surround the bay.

Don’t hesitate and go to a bar and enjoy the view while drinking the local punch, Poncha: a drink made from spirits, lemon and honey.

Information: You can leave your car in the parking lot, facing the bay. It will cost you 50 cents every 30 minutes.

  • GPS: 32°38’55.1″N 16°58’30.5″W

Before leaving Câmara de Lobos, climb to Pico da Torre viewpoint to admire the view over the city and the ocean. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to gaze at the banana fields and Cabo Girão cliff.

  • GPS: 32°39’07.0″N 16°58’25.6″W


Make the most of your stay on the island and discover some of the points of interest in Madeira and go out to the high sea to watch whales, dolphins and even turtles! In this activity , with an approximate duration of 8 hours, you will start your day in the beautiful Boca dos Namorados viewpoint, located 1000 metres of altitude.

From here, resume your tour and go to Cabo Girão where you can admire the best views over the ocean and Câmara de Lobos. Afterwards, you will go to the marina where you will board a catamaran and set out in search of the beautiful cetaceans that inhabit the waters of the Atlantic.

In the west side of the island  you will have other surprises and you will also be amazed by what you will find there. Know that you will start by exploring the coast, passing by the locations of Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol. One of the highlights on this tour will be the passage through Paul da Serra, the most extensive plateau on the island, which is at an altitude of 1500 metres.

Cabo Girão Viewpoint

Cabo Girão is one of the highest cliffs in the world with its 580 metres and offers an incredible view over the outskirts of Câmara de Lobos, the sea and Fajã do Cabo Girão.

Cabo Girao Viewpoint - Madeira

A suspended glass platform (Skywalk) was built in 2012 to test people’s limits, especially those that have vertigo.

Even though I knew it was safe to step on that platform, when I saw so many people there I considered not to join them, but I did.

It’s true that you’ll find many tourists in Cabo Girão (it is, possibly, the most touristy place in Madeira), but it will be worth your while.

  • GPS: 32°39’25.3″N 17°00’16.9″W

Fajã dos Padres Viewpoint

Fajã dos Padres viewpoint is located 4 km from Cabo Girão. There, you can admire the magnificent view over the ocean and over the farmlands, at the bottom of the cliff (fajã).

Aside from the farmlands, you’ll find in Fajã dos Padres a beach, a restaurant and some houses where farmers lived a few years ago and that are now tourist homes.

To get to the fajã you have two options: you can take a boat in Câmara de Lobos or take the cable car located in Fajã dos Padres viewpoint.

Before the cable car, people took the panoramic elevator in a 4-minute ride – it was the only way down.

Faja dos Padres Viewpoint - Madeira

Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol is a small but charming village, located 18 km from Funchal. It will be a quick stop but you won’t regret it.

After enjoying this beautiful postcard, lose yourself in the narrow streets next to the beach and admire the hidden beauties of Ponta do Sol.

  • GPS: 32°40’46.5″N 17°06’16.9″W

When you leave Ponta do Sol, don’t hesitate to take the old road (ER101) connecting Ponta do Sol to Madalena do Mar. You’ll drive directly under the beautiful waterfall Cascata dos Anjos and discover old tunnels that will make you feel like entering a cave.

  • GPS Cascata: 32°41’11.9″N 17°06’49.8″W

Important information: after several landslides and rockfall near to the waterfall, the road ER101 connecting Ponta do Sol and Madalena do Mar got closed.

To access the waterfall, you’ll have to turn on the third exit of the roundabout located right after the tunnel of Ponta do Sol on the road VE3, that substitutes the road ER101. Here is the itinerary in Google Maps.

Even though the waterfall is accessible, proceed carefully since rocks can fall at any moment!

Ponta do Pargo

You can drive along the new road VE3 but my suggestion is that you take the old road, by the sea, to make the route between Ponta do Sol and Ponta do Pargo (30 km).

You’ll be able to visit some places along the way: Madalena do Mar, Calheta artificial beach, Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar and Fajã da Ovelha.

When you get to Ponta do Pargo, go on a walking route to see Garganta Funda waterfall, located just a few metres from the Atlantic Ocean.

Garganta Funda waterfall - Madeira

Few tourists know this place but I can tell you that it is one of the most beautiful places in Madeira and my favourite.

Aren’t you convinced? Watch this video and witness the beauty of this place!


How to get to Garganta Funda viewpoint?

When you arrive at Ponta do Pargo, keep going for more 2 km (after Ponta do Pargo sign) along ER101 road and turn left to “Levada do Pedregal“. At the end of the road, turn left and, finally, turn on the first road to the right (Caminho do Pedregal).

Continue for more 300 metres and leave your car at the end of the road (before you enter the dirt road).

Are you lost? Here are the GPS coordinates of the place where you should leave your car:

  • GPS: 32°49’08.9″N 17°14’49.8″W

Next, just follow the signs “Miradouro Garganta Funda“. A few metres ahead you’ll find two small shacks, keep going for more 200 metres along the walking route next to the cliff.

Miradouro Garganta Funda - Madeira

It’s a small walk between the place where you left the car and the viewpoint – 500 metres for each side

Next, go back to Ponta do Pargo and admire the lighthouse and Ponta do Pargo viewpoint. While you wait for the sunset you can grab something to eat or have a drink in Casa de Chá O Fio.

  • GPS Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse: 32°48’50.3″N 17°15’45.5″W
  • GPS Ponta do Pargo Viewpoint: 32°48’35.4″N 17°15’23.1″W

Check here to see how was my fourth day in Madeira, the day I visited the beautiful city of Funchal.

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