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Hello, how are you? My name is Tiago and I am the founder of the blog Go To Portugal and if you have already asked yourself:

  • What to visit in Portugal?
  • How to visit this beautiful country?
  • What do I need to know to avoid some problems during my stay in Portugal?

… Then, know that you are in the right place.

Keep on reading to know how the blog Go To Portugal will help you to prepare and to visit Portugal

Ponte de Lima - Portugal

As you probably know, Portugal has become a trendy country. You won’t find any difficulties to get articles about tourist attractions of Lisbon or Porto but, as you can imagine, Portugal is much more than these two cities.

In this blog, I will help you to discover the tourist attractions (they also deserve to be visited), but my main goal is to help you to discover the real Portugal.

You will discover amazing places that few tourists know such as Peneda-Gerês National Park, villages frozen in time, beautiful landscapes and the Portuguese traditions. I am not going to show you just these incredible places, you will also get detailed information on how to visit the Portuguese wonders, step by step.

Know that I am not going to keep anything from you, when I visit a place, a company, and if the service provided is not the best, you will be informed. That was the case, for example, of the Douro cruise.

Portugal is a wonderful country but, like all the other countries in the world, it also hides some scams – read this article to get to know some of them and learn how to avoid them during your stay.

In 10 years of existence, the blog has gained more than:

  • 336 763 readers per month;
  • 15 807 people receiving emails with my exclusive tips;
  • 8 939 followers on Facebook;
  • Ten requests for advice per day

As you can see, the blog is here to help you to discover the Portuguese wonders and to assist you in spending great vacation.

Who am I? Here’s my story


Once upon a time there was a boy from a village near Ponte de Lima who dreamt of living in the city. This boy wanted to discover other horizons and stop looking at the same landscapes and people. One day his parents decided to emigrate and took him to one of the best known cities in the world: Paris.

His dream went far beyond what he expected because he just wanted to live in a Portuguese city and not move out from Portugal into Paris… From the airport to the city this boy didn’t look at anywhere else. Used to the countryside, in a blink of an eye he was faced with skyscrapers and 4-lane highways filled with cars. Getting to know Paris had a tremendous impact but the boy got used to his new life and, in a way, his dream came true.


This boy grew up and became an adult still chasing his childhood dream, but, as years went by, along came a feeling that all Portuguese emigrants know: saudade – a feeling stronger than homesickness. Homesick of a country where we were born and, for that reason, it lures us back.

This boy felt lost for some time, feeling like a foreigner in the country that took him in and in his home country – on the one hand he was the Portuguese living in Paris, on the other hand he was the Frenchman going to Portugal on holidays. After some thinking he realised that he needed to know his origins, to truly understand the meaning of being Portuguese.

To know and understand Portugal, he decided to explore every corner of the country, from north to south, east to west, from the big cities to the small villages lost in the middle of nowhere. To record all the adventures and to show the world the wonderful country Portugal is and the meaning of being Portuguese, he thought of creating a blog – that’s how Go To Portugalwas born.

In 2018, his second dream, his basic need, became true. After 18 years spent in Paris and surrounding area, he returned to Portugal where he lives today, in the authentic town of Ponte de Lima.

Leave your comfort zone and experience unique moments.

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