Central Portugal – discover the best Leiria, Coimbra and Aveiro beaches!

After the first article of the series of articles about the best beaches in Portugal, I’ve decided to go to the centre of the country to show you my top 10 of the best beaches in Central Portugal – discover here the best Coimbra, Leiria and Aveiro beaches.

The best beaches in Central Portugal are:

Aveiro Beaches

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1. Torreira Beach – Murtosa

© wikipedia.org – Portuguesemigase

Located between the Ria de Aveiro (Aveiro Lagoon) and the sea, Torreira beach has a unique natural beauty among the several Aveiro beaches. You can spend your day surfing or in the calm waters of the Ria de Aveiro.

This beach has a long extension of sand, so keeping away from other people won’t be a problem. If you enjoy riding a bicycle, know that there is a bike way beside the beach allowing you to do sports in an idyllic location.

2. São Jacinto Beach

© Duarte Mota on Pixabay

Located in the Nature Reserve of the Dunes of São Jacinto, this beach is one of the most beautiful Aveiro beaches – with wooden walkways along the dunes, perfectly integrated and in harmony with nature.

If you’re coming from Aveiro, the best way to get to São Jacinto beach is taking the ferry that crosses Aveiro Lagoon. If you’re driving, you’ll have to go to Torreira or Ovar.

3. Costa Nova Beach – Ílhavo

© wikimedia.org – Isabel Pinheiro mcp

Aside from its fine sand, Costa Nova beach has as its main attraction the beautiful houses painted in a unique way, with vertical and horizontal stripes. These houses belong mainly to local fishermen and are used to store their fishing tools.

If you’re interested, to the south of Costa Nova camping site you’ll find a secluded part of the beach only for naturists.

Coimbra Beaches

4.Tocha Beach – Cantanhede

© wikimedia.org – Hramos2

Tocha beach is well known because of its large extension of sand and because of the National Forest of the Dunes of Quiaios (Mata Nacional das Dunas de Quiaios). This beach is also popular among local fishermen, so don’t be surprised if you see small fishing boats along the beach.

Leiria Beaches

5. Osso da Baleia Beach – Pombal

Vitor Oliveira de Torres Vedras, PORTUGAL, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Osso da Baleia beach is a peaceful beach hidden behind the dunes. Although the access to the beach got better, increasing exponentially the number of sunbathers, the beauty of the beach remains almost intact. Walk along the wooden walkways and enjoy the surrounding beauty of the beach.

6. São Pedro de Moel Beach – Marinha Grande

Sao-Pedro-de-Moel- Portugal

São Pedro de Moel beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the Portuguese coastline. It is small but with a unique charm, protected by a hill shaped like a shell and with aristocratic style houses.

Stay in the beach and be amazed with the sunset and don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying the exciting nights in an elegant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

7. Nazaré Beach


Nazaré beach is known worldwide because of its big waves – it even holds the record for the biggest surfed wave ever. It is also a fishermen beach and, there, you’ll find women dressed with the traditional seven skirt clothes preparing the fish. Take the funicular to Sítio da Nazaré to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

8. São Martinho do Porto Beach

São Martinho do Porto beach is very popular among families because of its calm sea, thanks to the surrounding bay. You can also enjoy water sports such as canoeing, sailing and windsurf. You’ll find many restaurants where you can eat lobster or crab spider.

9. Foz do Arelho Beach – Caldas da Rainha

Foz do Arelho beach is very popular among surf lovers on the sea side and families on the Óbidos lake side with its calm waters. You’ll find many restaurants where you can eat fresh fish, eels and fried shellfish.

10. Berlenga Grande Beach – Peniche


Also known as Carreiro do Mosteiro beach, Berlenga Grande is an amazing natural beauty – the golden sand and the calm and clear waters are a plus for the most demanding sunbather. This beach is located in the Berlengas archipelago, 10 km west of Peniche. To go to this beach, you’ll need to take one of the boats that make tours between Peniche and Berlengas.

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