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Portugal in a new perspective: Portuguese customs and authenticity

Portugal is a country with many centuries of history and, because of that, a country rich in culture and tradition. Before you visit Portugal, you should read this article and discover some of the Portuguese customs and the authenticity present in most of the regions of this country. In this article I'm going to show you some professions that faded [...]

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Discover the 7 Wonders of Portugal

In this article you will discover the 7 Wonders of Portugal, chosen by the Portuguese people in 2007. After reading the information about the 7 wonders of Portugal, you'll find 2 itineraries to easily visit these amazing places in one or two weeks. From north to south, discover Portugal! Here are the 7 Wonders of [...]

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Discover the wonderful Portuguese festivities and pilgrimages

Portugal is a country with centuries of history and, throughout time, several Portuguese festivities and pilgrimages have appeared, events that celebrate believes and traditions of the Portuguese people. In this article I'm going to talk about popular festivities that attract thousands of tourists and make them want to visit Portugal - discover below the most [...]

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Discover the best Portuguese summer festivals!

The Portuguese music festivals, also known as Portuguese summer festivals, appeared more than 30 years ago, however it was only in the late 90's that they started to have more relevance at a national and international level, being today one of the main reasons why tourists visit Portugal. Vilar de Mouros Festival, in Caminha, was the [...]

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Golf in Portugal – discover the world’s best golf destination!

Although golf appeared in the British isles centuries ago, it has already spread throughout the world and it is today a sport loved by many. However, golf in Portugal is relatively recent, having its origins in the 19th century, in Porto region. In fact, the first Portuguese golf clubs were founded by British immigrants. The [...]

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Portuguese wine – discover here the best wine regions!

For years and years the Portuguese wine has been appreciated and much desired by people from all over the world. On this account, there is a segment of tourism activity that is gaining more and more relevance in Portugal: the enotourism or wine tourism. When you visit Portugal, make sure to visit some of the best wine [...]

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Things to do in Portugal in 15 days

Would you like to visit Portugal? Find out some of the things to do in Portugal in 15 days? Great! In this article you'll find a 15-day travel guide to discover the tourist attractions and all the things you can do in Portugal. Here is the travel guide of the things to do in Portugal in 15 days Day [...]

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The Best Locations to Welcome the New Year in Portugal

Christmas time and the New Year in Portugal is coming and with it a lot of fun, entertainment and conviviality. Millions of people plan their Christmas and New Year’s holidays around the world and, of course, Portugal is without a doubt one of the best destinations! In this article you will have the opportunity to [...]

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Top 10 of the best Portuguese beaches

After the great success of the articles about the best beaches in each Portuguese region (North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve), here's my top 10 of the best Portuguese beaches. While in Portugal, don't miss the opportunity to sunbathe in some of them! The best Portuguese beaches are: 1. Moledo Beach - Caminha Moledo Beach, Source: [...]

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15 Incredible pictures of Portugal that will amaze you!

Are you considering to visit Portugal? Then, take a look at these 15 amazing pictures of Portugal and tell us if you're not ready to learn more about this wonderful country. Here are the 15 amazing pictures of Portugal: 1. Benagil Beach - Algarve You can visit the caves of Benagil beach by going on a boat [...]

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