Top 10 of the best beaches in Portugal

After the great success of the articles about the best beaches in each Portuguese region (North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve), here’s my top 10 of the best Portuguese beaches. While in Portugal, don’t miss the opportunity to sunbathe in some of them!

The best beaches in Portugal are:

1. Moledo Beach – Caminha

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Moledo beach is considered by most as one of the best Portuguese beaches in the north because of its beauty and its therapeutic properties attributed to the presence of iodine. You can also practice water sports such as windsurf, surf or bodyboard.

2. Apúlia Beach – Esposende

Apúlia beach is part of the protected landscape of Esposende coastline. This is certainly a charming place because of its natural beauty. You can admire the beautiful wind mills on the top of the dunes that were used last century, with the help of strong winds, to grind corn.

3. São Jacinto Beach – Aveiro

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Located in the Nature Reserve of the Dunes of São Jacinto, this beach is one of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches – with wooden walkways along the dunes, perfectly integrated and in harmony with nature.

If you’re coming from Aveiro, the best way to get to São Jacinto beach is taking the ferry that crosses Aveiro Lagoon. If you’re driving, you’ll have to go to Torreira or Ovar.

4. Osso da Baleia Beach – Pombal

Osso da Baleia beach is a peaceful beach hidden by the dunes. Although the access to the beach got better, increasing exponentially the number of sunbathers, the beauty of the beach remains almost intact. Walk along the wooden walkways and enjoy the surrounding beauty of the beach.

5. Galápos Beach – Setúbal


Protected by the imposing Serra da Arrábida mountain range, Galápos beach is heaven on earth, with a beautiful blue and calm sea and a stretch of golden or very white sand. The crystal clear water lets you gaze at the bottom of the sea, making this beach perfect for scuba diving and spearfishing.

6. Figueirinha Beach – Setúbal


The calm sea and the beautiful surrounding landscape make Figueirinha Beach one of the most popular beaches in the region. A sand bank emerges when it is low tide, making this beach popular amongst the adults but especially with the kids. You will find a parking lot, a restaurant and you may also rent slides and buoy bananas.

7. Comporta Beach – Grândola

Comporta beach is located south of Tróia Peninsula, in the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve. This beach has the privilege to gather the ideal conditions to attract the most demanding visitor. You’ll find a big parking lot, good infrastructures and a big stretch of sand giving you the opportunity to have a great day.

8. Almograve Beach – Odemira


Almograve beach, also known as Praia Grande, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Alentejo coastline.

The beach is divided into two parts: one is a beach with rocks and cliffs and the other a beach with dunes. To access the beach, choose from one of the three cliff stairways. There you’ll find a restaurant, restrooms, showers and a parking lot.

9. Rocha Beach – Portimão


Rocha beach is one of the most touristy beaches in the Algarve; with its 1-km stretch of sand, it welcomes thousands of tourists every summer. You will find every structure needed to spend a great day at the beach. At night you can go to bars and discos to have fun and, why not, the casino!

10. Marinha Beach – Lagoa

Praia da Marinha - Portugal - Algarve

Considered as one of the best Portuguese beaches, Marinha beach is of a great natural beauty and it is also considered as one of the top 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Before you go to the beach to enjoy the beauty of rocks and of natural tunnels, amaze yourself with the views on the top of the cliff.

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