Alcanede – a place to stay if you’re visiting Óbidos, Alcobaça and Tomar

Alcanede -Ponte Romana

Do you want to discover Nazaré and its beautiful beach, the fortified village of Óbidos, the Shrine of Fátima, the Batalha and Alcobaça monasteries, the Convent of Christ in Tomar or Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Nature Park but you don’t know where to sleep? Our suggestion is staying in Alcanede, in Meio Country House.

I have great news!

During my last stay in the Centre of Portugal I found a place close to all of these beautiful towns / villages. If you stay here you’ll have the opportunity to visit all these amazing places without having to sleep in different hotel rooms everyday.

Information: read the whole article and see what I have for you!

Meet Meio Country House, Alcanede

Located in the small village of Alcanede, near Serras de Aire and Candeeiros Nature Park (with amazing walking routes), Meio Country House is the perfect place to sleep if you want to visit the Batalha Monastery, the Alcobaça Monastery, the Shrine of FátimaÓbidos, Nazaré, the city of Tomar, the amazing caves of Mira de Aire, the salt pans in Rio Maior and the beautiful historic centre of Santarém.

Meio Country House is part of a four-hectare villa and its name, Quinta da Ponte (literally Bridge Villa), comes from the Roman bridge over the stream that crosses this place. This bridge is still in good condition and you can cross it.

The house where I stayed was recently renewed but its history still remains. It has 7 rooms, each with a private bathroom and 14 people can sleep there.

Aside from the bedrooms, you can enjoy the living room, the kitchen (that you’ll have to share if you only book one bedroom), a terrace and, if you need to work for a while, you’ll find some working places and even a training room.

Information: needless to say that Wi-Fi is available all around.

After visiting the tourist attractions in the surroundings, you’ll have the opportunity to relax or to do one of the activities suggested by Meio Country House.

You’ll have the chance to discover in real time how goat’s cheese is made, you can make your homemade bread and local cakes, discover local liqueurs. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to go on a guided tour to Serras de Aire and Candeeiros Nature Park.

Meio Country House is a very peaceful and relaxing place and you’ll get a warm welcome from Isabel and Michael.

How much will it cost to stay in Meio Country House?

If you want to book the whole house (14 people), it’ll cost around 220 € per night.

If you want to book a bedroom with a private bathroom and access to the rest of the house, it’ll cost you around 50 € per night.

The price range of the activities vary from 10 € to 45 € per person.

Do you want to have a pleasant and relaxing time while you discover tourist attractions and other amazing places?

Important information 2: I want to be clear and tell you that I wasn’t payed to promote this place. I’ve decided to do it because I loved everything about Meio Country House: the people who welcomed us, the place itself and its location (Alcanede).

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