2 Million Readers’ Contest – Spend 2 Days In Portugal For Free

I am proud to inform you that the blog achieved the goal of 2 million readers in 2016 (12/11/2016)!

To celebrate this, I’ve decided to offer 2 days in Portugal for free for 2 people. I want these days to be memorable, one that you won’t forget for the rest of your life!

To accomplish this, I’ve chosen a beautiful Boutique Hotel. You don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Aside from sleeping in this magnificent Boutique Hotel, you’ll have the opportunity to discover some of the Portuguese wonders: Óbidos, Batalha Monastery, Tomar and one of the most amazing caves in Portugal.

You’ll have the chance to win 2 nights in an idyllic location and you’ll also have a rental car at your disposal to fully enjoy your 2 days in Portugal. In addition, if you live abroad, in the European Union, you’ll also get 2 plane tickets.

Important information: the 2 days I’m going to offer have to be in the week of the 25th March 2017 and 31st March 2017.

Are you ready to enjoy 2 wonderful days exploring Portugal?

See what you need to do to win this prize:

Step 1

Become a follower of Tiago – Go To Portugal Facebook  page by clicking the “Like” button below (if you’re already a fan of this page go to Step 2).

Step 2

Click “share” in the post below and write this sentence: I want to visit Portugal with you

At the end of the sentence, write the name of the person with whom you want to spend the 2 days.

To refer to a person, put the @ and the name of that person. Example: @tiago

If the person is one of your friends, their image will show up automatically, so you’ll just need to click the name of the person you chose.

After that, select “Public” (green arrow, photo below) instead of “Friends” so that I can see later on if you shared the post.

The next thing to do is clicking “Post to Facebook”




Share the post down here by clicking this icon:  


Step 3

Insert your first and last name below and your e-mail as well. Be sure that the e-mail you wrote is correct because it’ll be the way I’ll use to contact you.

After your participation make sure you got an e-mail confirmation from me (Participation 2 days in Portugal). If you didn’t get an e-mail, check your spam. If it went to SPAM, add me to your contact list so that I can contact you in the 24th December, right after the prize draw.

Terms and Conditions

1. The contest «2 million readers» is held by Tiago Lopes and will happen between the 1st and the 23rd December 2016 in the blog http://gotoportugal.eu.

2. The participation in the contest «2 million readers» implies the full acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.

3. The participation in this contest is forbidden for friend and family of Tiago Lopes (owner of the blog http://gotoportugal.eu).

4. With the exception of the previous condition, everyone is allowed to participate in this contest as long as they are over 18 years old.

5. The contest «2 million readers» will offer a prize and its winner will be automatically and randomly selected amongst the users that subscribed in the blog http://gotoportugal.eu, that became followers and shared the Facebook page of the blog https://www.facebook.com/gotoportugal.eu/.

6. The prize draw will happen in the 24th December – the only exception that can change this date is if the technological platform supporting the blog http://gotoportugal.eu is down.

7. The winner will be contacted directly by Tiago Lopes (owner of the blog http://gotoportugal.eu) by e-mail, taking into account the personal data given by the winner in http://gotoportugal.eu.

8. After being contacted, the winner will have a week  to communicate the acceptance of the prize to Tiago Lopes, and at that time he will also indicate the chosen days for the trip (taking into account the number 10 of these Terms and Conditions).

9. If the winner refuses or can’t benefit from the prize, Tiago Lopes will reserve the right to make another draw at a limit of three winners.

10. The prize must be used between the 25th March 2017 and the 31st March 2017.

11. The prize includes 2 nights at the Boutique Hotel “Luz Houses” for two people, a rental car for two days and, if the winner lives abroad but in the European Union, he or she will also win 2 plane tickets.

12. All expenses that are not mentioned here, such as lunch, dinner and tickets for visiting monuments and others, will be the winner’s responsibility.

13. The prize cannot be converted into a monetary prize or other.

14. The prize is personal and non transferable.

15. The winner of this contest will have to publish at least one photograph in the Facebook page of the blog https://www.facebook.com/gotoportugal.eu/ while enjoying his prize of two days in Portugal.

16. Tiago Lopes (owner of the blog http://gotoportugal.eu) will not be responsible in any way for any harm, loss or damage sustained by any of the participants of the contest.

17. Tiago Lopes (owner of the blog http://gotoportugal.eu) can change the present Terms and Conditions if faced with any adverse situation by publishing new Terms and Conditions.

18. Any missing clauses in the present Terms and Conditions will be solved by Tiago Lopes (owner of the blog http://gotoportugal.eu)

19. The present contest and Terms and Conditions are subject to the French laws and courts, no matter where the answer comes from, the nationality and country of residence of the participant.

About Tiago

Tiago, 28 years old, Parisian since 12, I decided to go on an adventure and make my dream come true: get to know our country from one end to the other. I believe that if we don’t know our origins we don’t truly know ourselves. Read more here