How to choose your accommodation in Portugal

After transportation, accommodation takes most of your holiday budget. I’ll give you tips and advice on how to choose the best accommodation in Portugal and reduce the possibility of unpleasant surprises.

Choosing hotels in Portugal

I always begin my search on , a site that I’ve been using for many years now – it’s user friendly, with many reviews and classification 10 / 10 by the users.

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After choosing a destination, date and how many people are going, I click  in “Additional search options” and in the option “Price” I select low and economic price  (there’s no need to look for a 200 € a night hotel).

In “Property type” I choose “hotels” (for the other options I prefer to go to specialised sites); and finally in “Review score” I select “Very good: 8+” (that way we are just going to see hotels with a score higher than 8/10).

How to choose an hotel for your vacation
  • Information: made a few changes in its search form – now, the additional options are available after you click “Search”. You can find them in “Important to me”.

Afterwards, I look at the photos of the hotels in Portugal with more than 150 reviews. There is a serious possibility of having unpleasant surprises with a hotel with a good score but with only 10 reviews.

Once I have chosen the hotel, I look at the amenities the hotel offers and I click on “See all reviews” to see the positive and negative reviews on the hotel.

How to choose an hotel for your vacation

 After all this, if I still like what I see, I make a reservation. Most of the times, I book a room of which I can cancel the reservation, free of charge, until a few days before my stay; I just don’t do that when the departure date is too close.

After the reservation is done, I go to Kayak to check whether there are other companies offering a lower price; if that’s the case, I get in touch with and send them the link with the cheapest site so they charge me the same price. They assure “Best Price Guaranteed”, so make them comply!

How to choose an hotel for your vacation

In this example, the lowest price is £67 per night, the same as in

Information: If you want to search the best hotels in Portugal, you may begin your search on Kayak and end it in another reservation centre such as, but make sure you don’t forget to check if you can cancel your reservation free of charge. I do my search on because I’m used to it and because, after all these years, I have never had any problems with the site.

To book a room or an apartment/house

When I go on holiday with friends or family, I often go to the site  – it is a site where people lease a vacant room or even their apartment/house.

How to choose an hotel for your vacation

After choosing a destination, date and how many people are going, a page with the city map will show up with the available apartments. I select the apartment based in the photos, prices and available reviews (at least 20 to avoid being a beta tester).

When at the page of the apartment/house, I examine the description, cancellation policy (which varies a lot, depending on the owner), and one of the most important points, reviews. If I have any questions about the apartment, I can get in touch with the owner.
When you make a reservation on  you must pay the total amount of your stay; however, if you want to cancel it, you will be refunded.

Information: If you don’t have an account on Airbnb, by clicking this link you’ll get a £13 discount on your first reservation and, at the same time, I’ll earn £13 for my next trip.

choose hotels in Portugal


I’m not a big fan of hostels because I always travel with my girlfriend and we need some privacy. Sleeping in a room with six or seven people can’t be easy!

For some time now, I’ve been hearing good things about hostels: decoration and services have changed a lot and there are hostels that even let you rent a private room.

No doubt, the biggest advantages of hostels are the price, on average four times cheaper than the hotels, and, of course, the friendliness of those places.

For your hostel research I would advise you to go to the site After you have chosen the city and dates, I suggest you filter the results by rating.

choose hotels in Portugal

On the left, in “Rating”, choose between 80 and 100% so that you can see the best hostels. When looking at the results, consider the hostels with more than 150 reviews so that the evaluation is more reliable.

Once you have chosen the hostel, don’t forget to click on “Reviews” to read the reviews from the previous customers.


Choosing the best apartments or hotels in Portugal is crucial for having some great holidays. When you make a reservation, don’t trust solely on the number of stars, consider the price and especially the reviews from the travellers.

If you are travelling for a few days you should stay near the places you’re visiting, even if it means paying a little more – you will save money in transportation and gain some time to enjoy those places.

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